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In the early 1960's Chatty Cathy captured the hearts of millions of girls. Today, she still stirs our hearts, bringing back wonderful memories of those carefree days. Mattel created her with a string on her back that, when pulled, activated her voice box and she spoke several different phrases. In 1998, knowing how so many of us loved our Chattys, Mattel created a few reproduction versions so that we would have new dolls to pass on to our daughters or granddaughters (and to buy for ourselves!).

This legendary talking doll from 1960 is available for the first time in TWO generations. Beautifully reproduced, Chatty Cathy® is a limited edition collectible.

Now you to can purchase your very own Chatty Cathy in her red sundress and white pinafore, or in her red & white stripe dress with white bolero, or in her holiday dress, or various outfits for your own dolls -- just click the link below.

Below we have some Chatty Cathy items to help you bring back those wonderful childhood memories.

To purchase any of these items or for more information, or if you just want to be "Chatty" with us, please e-mail us at

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