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*My Chatty Cathy Collection

These are two of my Chatty Cathy dolls modeling some of our fashions.

These are my Chatty Baby dolls modeling some original fashions.

This is my Tiny Chatty Baby & Brother twin dolls modeling some original fashions with a vintage case.

* Our Chatty Cathy dolls & fashion home page

To PLACE AN ORDER or for further information, please e-mail us:

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* If you can't find a Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby or Tiny Chatty Baby/Brother, let us know, we can probably find one for you. We are always looking to buy or sell these 4 types of dolls and accessories from the 1960s and their reproductions, for the right price. Also check out our auctions on eBay. (Use the logo at the right to sign up.) So if you have "something Chatty" to sell or want to buy something specific, tell us!

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Fashion Index with Hearts SM

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