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If you can't find a Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby or Tiny Chatty Baby/Brother or fashions for your chatties, let us know, we can probably find one for you. We are always looking to buy or sell these 4 types of dolls and accessories from the 1960s and their reproductions, for the right price. Also check out our auctions on eBay. (Use the logo at the right to sign up.) So if you have "something Chatty" to sell or want to buy something specific, tell us!

. . . thank you!

Denim Jumper and Pink Tee for Chatty Cathy

Denim Jumper and Pink Tee for Chatty Cathy $17.99 This cute Denim Jumper has two pockets in front and fastens together with velcro under the silver buttons. This outfit also includes the pink knit tee shirt. This outfit looks great on Chatty!

Price only $17.99

This is one of my favorite Chatty dolls, so, sorry, she is not included. The white tights and pink mary jane shoes are also NOT included, I just wanted you to see one of the options of how you might want to dress your Chatty in this outfit.

Buyer to pay shipping charge of $3.20 for priority mail - or can be mailed first class in a padded envelope for only a .99 charge - your choice! Insurance extra/optional. Money order/Cashier check and personal checks accepted - however, please allow a slight delay in shipping if paying by personal check. Ship USA only. Payment must be received within ten days of the close of the auction.

We also accept Paypal. Would you like to pay using a VISA or MasterCard credit card by Paypal? They will give you $5.00 credit for this if you have not yet signed up. See this link:

I describe and picture all items for sale as fairly and honestly as I possibly can. Please e-mail any questions, as all sales are final. Thank you!

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