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*Reproduction of Original Playtime Outfit for Chatty Cathy
by My Motherís Hands

This cute 2-piece Playtime outfit was made especially for Chatty Cathy reproduced from one of her Original Vintage Outfits by My Motherís Hands.

Outfit includes the red and white striped knit top and denim shorts.

Red striped TOP is made just like the original, including the hole for Chatty's pull string!

SHORTS are made from a soft cotton denim and fit Chatty perfectly - just the right length and fit perfectly over Chatty's tummy.


Price for this outfit is $19.99. Buyer to pay shipping/handling cost of 99 cents for USPS 1st Class.

To PLACE AN ORDER or for further information, please e-mail us:

For Payment Options, click here: Payment Terms and Shipping Information

***All handmade outfits are of excellent quality, created by My Motherís Hands. All sewing is done by my mother and aunt. These are two of the finest seamstresses you will find anywhere, taking time for details that many of us donít have have the patience for!! You wonít find a higher quality product anywhere! These ladies made Chatty outfits for my dolls 40 years ago (mostly from the now-vintage Chatty patterns) - they canít believe Iíve asked them to do it again!

* Here are the other outfits for Chatty (dresses, pajamas, slips, undies, sox & more) produced by My Motherís Hands mostly from Vintage Chatty Patterns

* Also check out our auctions on eBay. (Use the logo at the right to sign up)

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