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There is a real difference between golf balls. You gain control with a pliable ball, a ball that has a soft cover. Imagine you are in a contest to roll an orange across your kitchen floor to a certain spot. Your choices are a "hard" orange that has been frozen in the freezer or one that has been sitting on your counter and is soft and pliable. Choose the 5 day old orange - you'll get it closer.

75% of the balls bought by amateur golfers today are the 18 for $12.95 variety found at one of the Mart's - hard balls with hard "Surlyn" covers - Top-Flite, etc. Soft balls are: Strata Balata, Tour Prestige or a Titleist Tour Professional. Good players give up a some distance off the tee using a "soft" ball in order to control their game around the green.


The search for the perfect swing . . .

90% of all golfers hit short & slice. Golf magazines run articles that guarantee that if you follow their advice, you will hit longer and straighter and cure your slice forever! Well, if all these articles actually worked, they wouldn't need to run them month after month, now would they?

Those articles are an example of golfing insanity! What's golfing insanity? It's doing the same things and expecting different results. The same things golfers have been doing for the last twenty years - reading books, watching videos, buying special clubs, maybe taking lessons and hitting tons of balls and guess what - still getting the same results. Golf handicaps haven't improved in twenty years!

You're suffering from golf insanity. Why? Over the next few weeks we will discuss why the traditional methods you have tried do not work and what you can do about it! Let's get started.

First what is the perfect swing?

One that results with a shot that goes straight and long. It's really simple:

1.     You must have a square club face at impact.

2.     The shaft must be traveling down the target line at impact.

3.     The club must be accelerating at and thru impact delivering speed at impact.

It's really that simple. So, why don't conventional (old fashioned) methods work and why haven't they really improved scores in over twenty years? Well, some only concentrate on one aspect of the conventional method like left arm straight, head steady, etc. These are the merely the effects of the correct swing, not the cause. You might as well try to change the path of Haley’s comet by applying forces to its tail ...ain't gonna work.

In fact, one of the reasons conventional learning has been so ineffective is that impact alignments have been left to chance while conventional learning instead has concentrated on set-up, positions and a learning method which is not user friendly to the human body.

According to Harvey Penick, author of the best selling sports book of all time, "squareness" at impact is the most important element for straight and consistent shots.



"Casual water" is any temporary accumulation of water on the course which is visible before or after the player takes his stance and is not in a water hazard. Snow and natural ice, other than frost, are casual water or loose impediments, at the option of the player.

Manufactured ice is an obstruction. Dew and frost are not casual water. A ball is in casual water when it lies in or any part of it touches the casual water. Relief: The player shall lift the ball and drop it without penalty within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief. The ball may be cleaned when lifted under this Rule.


Every time his neighbor Bob headed toward Scotty's house,

Scotty knew he wanted to borrow something.

"Bob isn't going to borrow anything this time," Scotty said to his wife. "Listen to this."

"Will you be using your lawn mower this morning," asked Bob.

"I'm sorry," said Scotty, "I'll be mowing all morning."

"Great," said Bob, "You won't be using your golf clubs, may I borrow them?"

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