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*Nude Shoppers Storm Store for Free Clothes
February 29, 2000 9:24 am EST

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Join and Make Money, $.50 per hour on the Web! VIENNA (Reuters) - Stark naked Austrians braved chilly temperatures Monday to take up a clothing chain's offer of $385 in free outfits if they entered the store in the nude.

Kleider Bauer said it would reward the first five strippers of the week at each of its 40 department stores as long as they streaked from the street as far as the checkout counter.

In a nation not averse to baring all in public, dozens of naked shoppers huddled outside the store on Vienna's main shopping street -- the Mariahilfer -- waiting for the doors to open.

"I'm doing it for the sheer hell of it, not the money," a male stripper said. "People should be more open and not such prudes."

Shoppers beaten out of the first five in the streak received a consolation prize of $35 and a towel to cover up. The promotion offer lasts until March 18.


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