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Awards received: Angel of Fashion
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  • Luckman: "Of the more than 150,000 Web sites that we've checked out, our editors believe that your site should be publicly recognized as a Luckman Four-Star winner. This mark of excellence is something that we only bestow upon the Web's finest sites."
  • Another of our awards is the Times Pick for 8/7/97 by the Los Angeles Times about back-to-school shopping.
  • We're listed as the only world-wide fashion-only directory on the "Fashion on the Web The Official Directory Search Page The Collective Best in One Place"
  • A CJLutz Fashion WWWeb Page with Hearts SM was to be mentioned in an article by Robin Schatz for NY Times about fashion online, but it was cut by the editor due to space constraints. That's why we like the WWWeb!
  • But here's an article where we're linked as "all the fashion-related sites out there" by Pavia Rosati 7Nov96 Netly News

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