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Frans Ankone, former Visual Director for Fashion and Style at The New
York Times Magazine, has been named Fashion Director of Detour magazine.
        Ankone will officially begin contributing to the Hollywood-based
entertainment-and-style magazine February 1st, working out of its New
York Offices.
        “We couldn’t be more excited” says Steve Garbarino, Detour’s
editor-in-chief. “it’s been a tough position to fill, and we’ve been
patient with our decision because it’s so integeral to the identity of
the magazine: Fashion comprises nearly a third of our editorial pages.
        “Frans is one of the most highly regarded fashion editors and stylists
in the industry – both here and abroad. His eye-grabbing fashion spreads
and innovative advertising campaigns speak for themselves.” Continues
Garbarino, who will be attending the major fashion shows along with
Ankone. “As well as bringing leadership and direction to our fashion
team, he’ll also be a kind of ambassador for us within the fashion industry.”
        “We look forward to Frans carrying over to Detour’s pages the European
aesthetic and modern sophistication inherent in his Times work, while
also breaking dramatically for the ho-hum fashion spreads, the
‘white-is-the-new-black’ pronouncements, we’ve come to expect from the
mainstream glossies.” Says Garbarino. “To that effect, Frans will be
recruiting the young, avant garde, and revolutionary photographers and
stylists that have always been synonymous with Detour.”
        The appointment of Ankone comes concurrent with the magazine’s
increasing emphasis on fashion and style for both men and women. In the
February 1999 issue, Detour introduced its new beauty section, entitled
“Hair & makeup,” as well as “Collection,” a monthly designer portfolio.
Contacts: New York office, (212) 675 – 3680
Frans Ankone, Fashion Director
Coleen Brennan, Fashion Market Editor
Nancy Waits, Beauty & Style Editor
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